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Afrochine vaccinates workers

Afrochine vaccinates workers

Afrochine Smelting Private, a huge ferochrome producing plant in Selous, has organised Covid-19 vaccinations for its staff, with more than 800 already having had their first jabs and all the 1 105 expected to be done by tomorrow. 

It then plans on rolling out its privately funded programme to the spouses and families of staff.

The company procured the vaccines from the national Covid-19 stocks and brought in Chegutu district health department, using Selous Clinic staff, to administer the jabs.

Afrochine’s public relations and safety, health and quality manager, Mr Pardon Kufakunesu, said by yesterday over 800 have received their first jabs. We are very happy with the response by the workers as numbers have increased from 230 on Monday to 320 Tuesday. 

“The exercise is voluntary, although we are encouraging our workers to take up the jab which lessens the severity of the virus, he said. 

Company management, which includes Chinese nationals, led the way by getting their jabs last week. 

The workers’ committee representative chairman, Mr Itai Mukucha, said the decision by the country’s Presidium and company’s management has given workers the drive to get vaccinated willingly, adding the production will not be affected as workers will be protected. 

The workers said no one had developed any side effects so far. 

Mr Tawanda Mutungwa, production supervisor at the plant, said production ought not to be disturbed in any way including artificial labour shortage, hence workers needed to be forthcoming in receiving the jab. 

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The vaccination drive is also going to protect the workers who share accommodation and other sanitary facilities. 

Mashonaland West acting medical director, Dr Gift Masoja commended the company and urged other corporates to follow suit as the Government heads towards achieving 60 percent herd immunity.


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