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Kadoma Gold producer supports mining’s US$12bn vision

Kadoma Gold producer supports mining’s US$12bn vision


A KADOMA based mining syndicate is keen to tap into the national target of transforming the mining sector into a US$12 billion industry by 2023 through formalising its operations at the 10-hectare mine site.

The mine is located some 35km east of the gold town under Mhondoro Ngezi.

Chiturf Mining Syndicate’s representative, Mr Axon Chinguwa, said they had been given the green light by the Mines and Mining Development Ministry to secure the block as they wait for a mining certificate.

“We were given the prospecting licence to the block which has for long been mined unsustainably and currently waiting for a mining certificate.

“Already, the 21 days waiting period has lapsed but we are hopeful that the certificate will be released soon,” he said.

As part of formalising operations at the new mine, Mr Chinguwa said they will open employment opportunities for over 150 youths and reclaim over 30 mine shafts that were sunk illegally.

“We have managed to reclaim all the pits that were illegally sunk during gold rushes. As we wait for a mining certificate, we are in the process of securing the area so that we don’t give room to any illegal activities that will prejudice the Government,” he said.

Last week, two rival groups of machete wielding gangs clashed at the mine leaving seven people seriously injured while 14 were arrested.

Once issued with the certificate, the self-funded syndicate owned by six people seeks to address the violent attacks in the area.

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Originally, the block was among a few that were being mined illegally by youths from across the country. The provincial mining director, Ms Sibongubule Mpindiwa, wrote to the Kadoma district officer-in-charge of minerals flora and fauna indicating that Chiturf
Mining Syndicate was the rightful holder of the block until the application work was finalised.



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