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Lenox Mine ownership wrangle deepens

Lenox Mine ownership wrangle deepens

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The issuance of mining certificates to Two Flags, the company at the centre of controversial takeover of Lenox Gold Mine Mashava in Masvingo Province, was irregular after investigators established signatures on the certificates could have been forged.

Two Flags, a company owned by South African miner Mr Leslie Starlin, has been illegally mining at Lenox Mine after the court sheriff ignored an order by Justice Mafusire in April 2017 to evict the company.

Tambanashe, which was illegally evicted from the mine by Two Flags, challenged the eviction, in which the High Court ruled in their favour.

Tambanashe, through their lawyers, wrote to the Registrar of the High Court, requesting the eviction of Two Flags in June 2017 — through a warrant — to give effect to the order.

“We believe that the order of the Honourable Court in favour of Tambanashe Enterprises can only be enforced through a warrant. We further believe that the issuance of the warrant will be in the interests of justice and will mitigate against further prejudice on part of Tambanashe Enterprises from the date of granting the order. Any delay in the issuance of the warrant of ejection by your office is simply depicting that orders of this Honourable Court can be ignored and a party will not have a recourses to mitigate any prejudice that he will be suffering,” read part of the letter.

However, no action was taken by the sheriff as Two Flags continued operating at the mine.

Last week, police launched fresh investigations on the mining ownership wrangle at the gold rich mine amid revelations that Two Flags was holding a fake mining certificate.

Investigators are also keen to establish the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of Tambanashe Enterprises mining certificates, when the original certificates are being held by ZB Bank as security for a loan borrowed by the company.

While the former Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa once notified intention to cancel the certificates, Tambanashe wrote to him objecting to the move.

“We can confirm that CID officers swooped on Masvingo Ministry of Mines (and Mining Development) on Saturday and Sunday checking on transaction records,” said one source familiar with the investigation.  “Reports suggest the issuing of certificates to Two Flags was irregular on the back of forged signatures, another source added.

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It is also understood that investi gators are also keen to interview Mr Starlin, the man at the centre of the saga. In a related development it is rumoured that the Judicial Service Commission is also investigating on “apparent irregularities” in the conduct of the sheriff in the eviction Tambanashe Enterprise from Lenox Gold Mine.

Tambanashe general manager Mr Edgar Mashindi told The Herald Business yesterday that while investigators continue with their probe, the company was now seeking clarity on their status given the revelations of irregular issuance of certificates to Two Flags.

Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando could not be reached for a comment by time of going to print yesterday._The Herald

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