A closer look at mining investment opportunities available in Zimbabwe

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In order to achieve increased and sustained growth in the mining sector, the government of Zimbabwe is targeting to develop the Gold ore to bullion processing, Diamond cutting and polishing, Base metals (nickel, copper, iron, cobalt) recovery from PGMs, Coal to Coke, Phosphate to fertiliser, and Chrome to ferrochrome.

Mining Zimbabwe takes a closer look into these Mining Investment opportunities currently available for interested investors.

Gold Ore to Bullion Processing

Gold ore to bullion processing is one business opportunity that has been around for a while, and it continues to offer huge potential for entrepreneurs. The fact that gold is a precious metal that is highly valuable makes the entire process of extracting it from the ore, processing it, and turning it into bullion a lucrative business venture.

Investing in this business requires substantial capital, but the returns can be significant. Finding lucrative deposits is easy as the mineral is available in every province including Harare. Gold ore processing is essentially a mining business that involves digging deep into the ground to extract the precious metal in its raw form. The ore is then processed through several stages of refining, which can range from cyanide leaching to smelting.

The demand for gold is always high, and as such, having a gold mine that can produce consistent supplies of high-quality bullion can be a valuable business proposition.

Diamond Cutting and Polishing

Diamond cutting and polishing is another business opportunity that has been around for decades, but with advancements in diamond-cutting technology, the business has become more lucrative. The process of cutting and polishing diamonds involves intricate precision work and specialized equipment, which requires skilled labourers.

One of the significant advantages of this business is that diamond cutting and polishing can be done with relatively little capital investment. With the right combination of skilled labour and equipment, entrepreneurs can access a highly profitable industry.

Polishing can be extended to semi-precious stones which are available in abundance in the country.

Base Metals (Nickel, Copper, Iron, Cobalt) Recovery from PGMs

Base metals like nickel, copper, iron, and cobalt are highly valuable resources and have a variety of crucial applications in different industries. However, these metals are often found within platinum-group metals (PGMs), which makes extracting them a highly challenging task.

Investing in base metal recovery from PGMs requires specialized knowledge and equipment, but the potential returns are significant. The process involves extracting the base metals from the PGMs using specialized chemical processes before refining the metals into usable forms.

Coal to Coke

Coal-to-coke processing is a business opportunity that involves taking raw coal and turning it into coke. Coke is highly valuable as it is a critical component in the production of iron and steel. The demand for Coke is always high, and as such, investing in this business can be highly profitable.

The process of coal-to-coke conversion involves heating the coal at high temperatures to around 1000 degrees Celsius, which removes any impurities from the coal, leading to the production of coke. The process is highly energy-intensive, but when done in bulk, returns can be significant.

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Zimbabwe has significant Coal deposits in Gokwe, Chiredzi, Beitbridge, Mwenezi, Hwange, Lupane, Binga, Kariba, Hurungwe, Bikita.

Phosphate to Fertilizer

Phosphate to fertilizer processing is a business opportunity that involves converting raw phosphate into useful crop fertilisers. As the world’s population continues to grow, the need for sustainable and effective agricultural solutions also rises, making investing in phosphate to fertilizer processing a highly valuable proposition.

The process of converting phosphate to fertilizer involves using specialized machinery and equipment to add nitrogen, potassium, and other essential nutrients to the phosphate before creating a usable fertilizer. The business requires significant capital investment, but with high demand, the returns can also be high.

Chrome to Ferrochrome

Finally, chrome-to-ferrochrome processing is a business opportunity that involves extracting high-quality chromium ore and converting it into ferrochrome – a highly valuable alloy used in the production of stainless steel. The demand for ferrochrome is high, and as such, investing in this industry is highly lucrative.

The process involves ore extraction, smelting, and refining into high-quality ferrochrome using specialized machinery and equipment. With high demand and significant returns, entrepreneurs willing to invest in the industry can reap significant profits.


Investing in any of the above business opportunities in Zimbabwe requires a significant amount of capital investment, specialized knowledge, and access to the right equipment and machinery. However, with the right resources and expertise, investors can access highly profitable industries that offer significant returns on investment. From gold ore to bullion processing, diamond cutting and polishing, base metals recovery, coal to coke, phosphate to fertilizer, and chrome to ferrochrome, these industries offer huge potential for investors with the right skills and resources.

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