Anjin Diamonds Theft Case: Suspects Granted Bail

Prosecutors ordered to go hard on Machete criminals

Harare Magistrate Apollonia Marutya has granted bail to five individuals accused of stealing a package containing valuable diamonds destined for the United Arab Emirates.

According to reports, the alleged theft took place during a diamond packing operation at Anjin’s offices within the premises of Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in Harare.

The five suspects, including a diamond inspector, evaluator, two security guards, and a police officer representing Anjin Investments, were said to be involved in the packing process slated for shipment to a company in Dubai.

During the packing procedure, personnel from various organizations, including Anjin, the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe, and representatives from the customer company, Erleen Gold Trading DMCC Dubai, were present to oversee the operation.

However, investigations revealed that amidst this tightly controlled environment, the accused individuals conspired to steal a sachet containing diamonds weighing 98.20 carats.

The accused individuals Silas Chirume (54), Edward Jacob Gunda (62), Maison Phiri (37), Steven Wahita (56), and Isaac Muripa (37) vehemently deny the theft charges, asserting that the state’s case lacks evidence. Their lawyers argue that crucial CCTV footage has not been presented in court, casting doubt on the accusations or the existence of the so-called footage.

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In her ruling, Magistrate Marutya emphasized the need for compelling evidence and raised doubts about the credibility of certain statements presented by the state. She underscored the importance of establishing grounds to support allegations of potential interference with witnesses, highlighting the absence of such evidence against the accused.

As part of the bail conditions, each accused individual has been prohibited from visiting Anjin Investments until the case is resolved. Additionally, specific reporting requirements have been imposed, with designated locations and times for regular updates to the authorities.

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