Bikita Minerals rehabilitates roads

Bikita Minerals road rehabilitation

Bikita Minerals has set aside funds for the rehabilitation of roads in the Bikita and Gutu districts as part of its social responsibility that will help spur economic and social activities.

Apart from the rehabilitation of gravel roads in the two districts, Bikita Minerals has also set up a development fund administered by Chief Marozva.

Speaking during the launch of the road rehabilitation project at Chinhamo shopping centre, Bikita Minerals mine manager David Mwanza said the company is embarking on the road maintenance and rehabilitation exercise as most roads had been affected by rains.

“We have started rehabilitating roads in the district, starting with Bedmore Primary School Road. Most of the roads that we are prioritising are those that have been affected by rains as well as roads linking schools and clinics in the district. There is a popular Chinese saying which says, if you want to get rich, build a road first. It is correct because people can come in and out easily and the community has access to health, school and business facilities,” said Mwanza.

Bikita Minerals this week unveiled a new Corporate Social Responsibility Committee chaired by General Manager Wang Zhenhua and the committee has not wasted time in getting down to work.

The local traditional leader, Chief Marozva, said the move by Bikita Minerals will benefit the community and contribute to the development of the area.

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“We appreciate the road rehabilitation works by Bikita Minerals and the local community is very excited as most roads were now impassable. All users of the road will benefit from the rehabilitation of the road including transport operators, businesses and farmers. Good roads are networks that promote beneficial social and economic activities by ensuring a smooth flow of goods and services,” said Chief Marozva.

Meanwhile, Bikita Minerals has also started road construction works on the Bikita – Gutu Road and the project is set for completion by the end of June.

The Lithium miner whose Corporate Social Responsibility focus areas are health, education, employment, water and sanitation has this year set aside US$2 million for the Bikita, Gutu and Zaka rural electrification program. In addition, the mining company has drilled 13 boreholes for the surrounding communities and its school feeding program covering 13 schools in the district which has contributed to high rates in school attendance.

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