Boltgas evolving into a trusted brand in the sub-region


BOLTGAS, a leading supplier of engineering solutions, is evolving into a trusted brand across the central and southern African region where it continues to secure mandates – one after another – to implement high-profile projects from some of the African continent’s household names.

Having started operations nearly two decades ago, Boltgas has not only managed to dominate the Zimbabwean market but has successfully extended its reach into several markets in the sub-region as the company prepares to stretch its influence into the rest of the Eastern African region, before going all the way into North Africa.

Currently, Boltgas has two mega projects that are up and running in neighbouring South Africa, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

To the south of the Limpopo River, Boltgas has established a solution centre in what is undoubtedly Africa’s largest economy to make it easy for its sales force to service their clients given South Africa’s strategic location to coastline borders of the Indian Ocean to the south-east and the Atlantic Ocean to the south-west.

About the solution center Matthew Sibanda, the CEO of Boltgas had this to say: “We source from leading brands in steel products, filtration hydraulics, mineral processing, ground support, materials handling and transmission technology, etc., and distribute their quality and customised products and services to our valued customers to ensure that they enjoy an uninterrupted service all-year-round. By listening to our customers and understanding their operational challenges, we are able to provide solutions and supply chain reliability to help them enhance their productivity.”

In the DRC, Boltgas landed a contract to design and construct a sulphuric acid leach plant for one of the major mines in Katanga Province. Work on the projects is already in progress and expected to commission end of May 2023 Boltgas has been involved in the region since the late 2000s, with some of its projects having been finalised in Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia and South Africa, coal gasification project for Eskom and Leaching agitators for Crossing Uranium Mine in Namibia.

In Zimbabwe, the company has participated in a number of contracts, amongst them the establishment of a power separation plant and substation for ZimChem Refineries; the construction of a gantry and pipework for Polyoak Packaging and the design and installation of the Wattle Company’s conveying system and incinerator, Murowa Diamonds 14km pipeline, Mimosa Platinum Mine 1mw mine ventilation extraction fan

At the Pretoria Portland Cement, otherwise known as PPC, Boltgas was involved in the upgrade and maintenance of the company’s dust extraction system, while they have been responsible for the installation and maintenance of the Zimbabwe Platinum Mines’ dust bags and dust extraction industrial filtration solutions.

Boltgas started off in 2005 as a supplier of engineering services and solutions in design and detailing, structural steel works, plate works, pipe works, plant refurbishment, rehabilitation and maintenance, site works, fabrication, machining, installations, etc. The business has evolved over the years into a total provider of engineering solutions that enable their clients to keep their plants and machinery up and running to enhance their top line through reduced downtime and increased productivity.

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Boltgas’ coverage extends to every inch of the country and has now taken their brand across the borders, as they push harder to being a pan-African provider of engineering solutions.

Not so long ago, they acquired National Metal Foundries in Bulawayo, opening the group to many possibilities in the engineering field. The acquisition has enabled Boltgas to diversify into National Metal Foundries’ core business of manufacturing cast-iron, aluminium, bronze and brass from scrap metal as well as general engineering, and taking the products across the length and breadth of Zimbabwe as well as into the sub-regional markets.

In addition, the engineering arm of the group went through a successful restructuring after going into a joint venture that gave birth to Boltrec Engineering whose mission is to provide customized engineering solutions that satisfy stakeholder needs. Boltrec now stands shoulder-to-should with the world’s best as a reputable engineering company designed to harness custom-made engineering solutions for its clients through formulating various synergies with industry leaders.

A proudly Zimbabwean company, Boltrec provides total engineering services and solutions in structural steel works, fabrication, precision machining, crane services, line boring, plant maintenance, installations, commissioning and training, component building, facilities maintenance, draughting and design, brick and paver moulding, project management as well as engineering skilled labour hire.

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