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Bonnox – Efficient fencing that lasts

Bonnox – Efficient fencing that lasts

Bonnox is well renowned for their quality and fully galvanised fencing.

Already, many farmers are aware of Bonnox’s range of fine products: The “Money Saver”, “Close Mesh”, “Kombi
Fence”, “Square Mesh”, “Multi Fence” and “Flexi Fence” were all meticulously designed to provide for every possible
need. But what sets a manufacturer apart from the rest, is the ability to promptly observe and react to new trends and needs in the market.

The prefabricated fencing market in Africa currently needs a product which is inexpensive, as farmers are              currently required to be thrifty with their money. Therefore, Bonnox decided to introduce their “ Economy “ range. The only difference between this fencing and their existing “ Elite “ range, is that it is lightly galvanised instead of
fully galvanised. Now a farmer can compare “ apples with apples “ when comparing Bonnox with competitors’
fencing products.

“There are lightly galvanised wire fences on the market, but many of our clients ask for it under the Bonnox
brand name,” says Anita Gent, Director of Bonnox. “We therefore decided to also manufacture an economical version of the nine most popular products in our range of seventy products. This includes the “Money Saver”, “Close Mesh” and “Multi Fence” ranges of 1,2m, 1,8m and 2,4 m. This offers the farmer an inexpensive solution of
fencing for his stock, small and large game. In areas where the effects of the elements are not very harsh on wire fencing, this inexpensive Bonnox will still last for many years, but fully galvanised Bonnox is still recommended
for areas where the elements affect fences more severely As the “Elite” and “Economy” ranges look exactly the same, the labels on the existing “Elite” range are green while those on the economical range are royal blue. The price of the
economical range is only 75% of the price for the existing range, but it is still being manufactured with the same
Bonnox meticulousness and care. The wire still being from the same supplier.

Skip the middleman

“Any farmer can order our products directly from our factory in Sunderland Ridge, south of Pretoria, to simplify logistics and cut costs. This also means that the farmer can gain the best advice and support directly from the
manufacturer,” Anita says.

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Bonnox makes sure that there is minimal or no lead time at the factory. Bonnox keeps stock of approximately
70 different fencing varieties to suit every customer’s requirements. Bonnox is continuously looking for ways to accommodate the farmer. “For every ten rolls of fencing a farmer buys, he gets one free,” she says. “On
top of that, we offer a 25% discount. Bonnox also provides erecting equipment at competitive prices which
makes fence erection a simple matter.

Contact Bonnox’s friendly sales team to discuss your fencing needs.

Their numbers are 076- 169-9068 or + 27 012-666-8717.
visit their website at

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