Bravura to Power Kamativi with 6MW Diesel Generators

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Bravura has acquired and delivered a 6MW generator to be used at its Kamativi lithium site.

This move aims to facilitate the commencement of operations by late this year or early next year.

Bravura received the dump processing lease for Kamativi in February this year and has been working rapidly to set up the necessary infrastructure. Acquiring the 6MW generator is a significant step in ensuring that the plant has a reliable power supply once production commences.

Eng. Chris Pouroullis, Chairman of Manhattan, the company responsible for manufacturing the state-of-the-art lithium TSF processing plant, provided insights into the power requirements and setup.

“We’re looking at between three and four megawatts of power for the plant. The generators have a capacity of six megawatts. We need to have enough capacity for the generators to run the plant effectively. There are four 1.5 MVA generators. When the plant is operating, we plan to run it with three generators, ensuring that we have enough capacity to start the plant and perform maintenance. One generator can be taken offline for maintenance without affecting the plant’s operation.”

“This strategic setup allows Bravura to maintain continuous operations while ensuring that maintenance activities do not disrupt production. The redundancy provided by the four 1.5 MVA generators means that even if one generator is offline for maintenance, the remaining three can keep the plant running smoothly,” said Bravura Group General Manager Gbenga Ojo.

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The Kamativi dump processing project is a key component of Bravura’s expansion strategy. The site, which has significant lithium deposits represents a valuable asset in the company’s portfolio. By leveraging advanced technology and robust infrastructure, Bravura aims to maximize the efficiency and output of the processing plant.

The decision to utilize diesel generators also highlights the challenges faced by mining companies in securing reliable grid power in remote locations.

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