BREAKING: 30 feared dead after shaft collapse in Chegutu

mine accident

Thirty people are feared dead at Bayhorse Mine in Chegutu (Chakari) after the 150m deep Mine collapsed, Chegutu Miners Association Chairperson Innocent Nicks told Mining Zimbabwe.

Rudairo Mapuranga

According to Nicks, the Mine management has already fled the mine fearing attacks from stakeholders concerned with how the mine has been operating.

He said of the 30 people believed to be trapped underground, only 3 people were heard crying for help.

“It is alleged that 30 people are feared dead as the mine collapsed at around 150 meters underground. The mine management has just fled the scene fearing attack from emotional people. It is said one person managed to get out of the mine shaft and the person fears many have died. Only 3 people can be heard crying for help.

“Chegutu East Constituency coordinator, under Hon Webster Shamu is on the ground and is requesting help from the community, companies and all relevant departments to come and assist in retrieving bodies from the mine,” Nicks said.

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Mining Zimbabwe has also notified the Mine Rescue Association of this tragedy.

Meanwhile, six people died after an RZM Murowa plane crashed in Mashava this morning.

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