Chamber proposes the creation of Mine Closure Rehabilitation Fund

David Matyanga

In an endeavour to ensure all mining areas are rehabilitated after the depletion of resources or when extraction is no longer viable, the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe (CoMZ) has proposed the establishment of a mine closure rehabilitation fund.

Rudairo Mapuranga

Speaking at the National Launch of The Action Aid’s Zimbabwe Accountability and Citizen Engagement Management (ZIMACE) Programme to promote sustainable environmental management in the mining sector held at Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare recently, Chamber of Mines Mining Affairs Manager David Matyanga said the chamber proposed having a mine closure rehabilitation fund, which was supposed to be factored into the Mines and Minerals Amendment bill. However, the proposal was not included in the bill.

“As the Chamber, we have proposed to have a mine closure rehabilitation fund, which can be collective or voluntary. We have made this proposal to the Ministry of Mines as part of the Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill. We are concerned that this has not found its way into the bill. And we believe that such a fund, if properly managed, can deal with the legacy issues and ensure that those mines currently operating provide sufficient resources to address the environmental liabilities post-closure,” Matyanga said.

Closed or abandoned mines are very unsafe if left unrehabilitated. This is why we have mine rehabilitation, which is a sustainable response to the man-made destruction of lands through activities such as mining and drilling. Many companies, through mine rehabilitation, have successfully restored heavily polluted or toxic mining sites to a safe and functioning ecosystem.

After mining, the used land must be rehabilitated to prevent disastrous effects. If mined landscapes aren’t rehabilitated, they can negatively affect the surrounding air, water, and local agriculture severely.

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Mine rehabilitation minimizes the environmental effects of mining and keeps surrounding land healthy by ensuring the stability and sustainability of the land, soil, and water of the site. It also seeks to partially or fully repair the ecosystem and prevent the pollution of surrounding environments.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Mines will be holding its annual general meeting at Elephant Hills Resort in Victoria Falls from the 28th to the 30th of May 2024. Mining Executives, decision-makers and the Crème de la crème of the large-scale mining industry will be in attendance at the Premier event. This is an annual event that provides a platform for industry leaders, government, investors and financiers opportunity to interact and discuss key matters relevant to the development of the mining industry.

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