Chrome Miners Call for International Investors

Chrome in Zimbabwe

Robson Butete, the Secretary-General for Ward Miners Association (WMA), has appealed to investors to consider investing in the exploration of the chrome in Zimbabwe.

by Rudairo Mapuranga

According to Butete, Zimbabwe boasts some of the highest grades of chrome ore globally, ranging from 36% to 70% chrome ore, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

“We are in areas where investors can utilize artisanal miners’ trenching, in between Zimasco and Zimalloys claims,” Butete explained. “One investor conducted Resistivity tests and trenching, yielding promising results. They are currently deliberating on proceeding with mining operations. Although only six of our claims have been assessed, we have a total of 13 sites comprising chrome and gold reserves.”

Recent exploration activities conducted by the WMA have yielded positive outcomes, with chrome ore deposits reaching up to 72%. Tagonerwanashe Ward Trust Chrome Exploration Trenching, conducted between April 23rd and 25th, 2024, in Lalapanzi, recorded significant success:

Total trenches excavated: 11
Total length of trenches: 440 meters
Successful trenches: 8 out of 11 (72%)
Average depth intercepted: 1.5 meters
Dip of seam: +/- 16°
Seam width: 15-40 cm
Total samples collected: 10

Awaiting results from South Africa, expected by the end of next week, the Association plans to initiate a mine plan, ensure regulatory compliance, conduct follow-up drilling, and execute agreements with surface rights holders based on the geological report.

By capitalizing on these advantages, international investors can contribute to the sustainable development of Zimbabwe’s chrome mining industry while securing profitable returns on their investments.

Investing in the chrome mining sector in Zimbabwe offers several advantages,


High-grade Chrome Ore

Zimbabwe boasts some of the highest grades of chrome ore globally, providing investors with access to premium-quality resources.

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Exploration Potential

Ongoing exploration activities indicate significant potential for the discovery of additional chrome reserves, offering long-term investment opportunities.

Strategic Location

Situated between established mining claims, investors can leverage existing infrastructure and expertise, reducing operational costs and risks.

Diverse Mineral Reserves

Beyond chrome, Zimbabwe also possesses substantial reserves of gold, diversifying investment portfolios and hedging against market fluctuations.

Favorable Regulatory Environment

The Zimbabwean government has implemented policies to attract foreign investment in the mining sector, providing investors with a supportive regulatory framework.

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