Dallaglio plans to produce 3 tonnes by 2025

Alfred Madowe

Padenga Holdings owned Gold focused producer Dallaglio Investments is forecasted to produce 3,000 kgs of gold per annum in 2025 from its Pickstone Peerless Mine and Eureka Gold Mine, Pickstone Peerless Mine General Manager Eng Alfred Madowe has said.

Rudairo Mapuranga

Speaking at the Association of Mine Managers of Zimbabwe (AMMZ) technical visit held yesterday at Picksone, Madowe said Dallaglio through its major mines Pickstone Peerless and Eureka Mine is currently producing 210kgs per month with a forecast to go to 230kgs per month next year and eventually 250kgs per month in 2025.

The Pickstone Peerless Mine General Manager said the gold production increase from the mines will be necessitated by grade improvements.

“We are now as a combined 210 kgs per month, we are looking to get to 230 kgs next year due to grade improvements and in 2025 we are looking at 250 kgs per month with Pickstone underground and Eureka Open pit,” Madowe said.

Madowe said the improvement in gold production was necessitated by Eureka Mine which produced 130kgs last month with an impressive recovery of 93 percent.

The Pickstone Peerless Mine General Manager said his Mine averages 70 per cent gold recoveries. He said to improve recoveries they were adding 3 CIL tanks.

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“Eureka is really ticking nicely. Last month they did 130kgs and an impressive recovery of 93 percent. We can’t say the same about Pickstone which is averaging 70 percent. We are looking to manage recoveries by adding CIL tanks. We had two ball mills, we added a third one and we have added the fourth one now. When we added the fourth, we didn’t add the tanks, so one thing affecting our recovery is our resident time. We have a total of 13 tanks and we need to add 3 big ones,” Madowe said

During the year which ended 31 December 2022, Dallaglio mining operations more than doubled gold sales volumes becoming one of the top three gold producers in the country, subsequently overturning a loss position into profitability.

The company recorded a 101 per cent growth in sales volumes to 1 961 kilogrammes of gold compared to 976 kg of gold achieved in the prior year with the growth largely driven by the impact of the first full year of operations at the Eureka gold mine.

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