Gloria Zvaravanhu appointed Karo’s independent non-executive director

Gloria Zvaravanhu

Karo Mining Holdings has announced the appointment of Gloria Zvaravanhu as an independent non-executive director and chairperson of the audit committee.

Zvaravanhu is a chartered accountant and has received numerous postgraduate qualifications, including an MBA in Business Leadership from the University of South Africa, and a Masters in International Business Law from University of Cumbria, in the UK. She is also the managing director of an insurance company in Zimbabwe and has previously held senior roles across a variety of companies such as KPMG.

Apart from her extensive experience in the business sector, Zvaravanhu is also an experienced non-executive director and has served on the boards of several Zimbabwean companies. Additionally, she is an advisory board member of the International Federation of Accountants and an alumnus of the Fortune 500 Global Women Mentoring Program.

According to CEO Bernard Pryor, the appointment of Zvaravanhu will help strengthen the board and ensure they have the governance oversight and diverse in-country business understanding needed to develop the Karo platinum project successfully. As they guide their next tier-one asset through its rapid development to achieve their stringent construction timeline, it is essential to have a solid team that can develop Karo successfully with strong community support.

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Zvaravanhu’s appointment is a significant step towards achieving this goal, and her leadership skills and commercial acumen have been recognized with several business accolades in Zimbabwe. Karo Mining Holdings is excited to have her on board as they continue to strive towards their ambitious goals in the business sector.

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