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Golden Valley Mineworkers fear radiation from full-body scans

Golden Valley Mineworkers fear radiation from full-body scans


Mineworkers at Golden Valley Mine in Kadoma have been submitting complaints to the Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union (ZDAMWU) raising fears of radiation from full-body scans at the mine.

By Shantel T Chisango

Speaking to Mining Zimbabwe, ZDAMWU General Secretary Justice Chinhema said workers are fearing for their health due to the body scans they are going through at the mine.

“We have cases of workers fearing a full-body scan that is being installed at Golden Valley Mine in Kadoma raising concerns of radiation,” said Chinhema.

Mr. Chinhema said that his association engaged with the Radiation Protection Association of Zimbabwe (RPAZ) over the effects of the scanning machines.

RPAZ promised ZDAMWU that they will monitor the machines and assured them that there are safe with no side effects.

“We engaged with the Radiation Authority over its effects, and they responded saying they will be monitoring and assured us that it’s not harmful,” Chinhema said.

Mr Chinhema further said that miners are lacking knowledge on radiation, hence there is a need to educate miners about everything there is to know about radiation.

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“Had it not been that the country is currently hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, possibly some training would have taken place,” said Chinhema.

ZDAMWU is an organisation that helps in addressing challenges being faced by current, retired workers in the Zimbabwe mining industry.

About Golden Valley

Golden Valley mine is a gold-producing mine located in Patchway, approximately 18km from the City of Kadoma. It is currently owned by John Mack company with Head office located in Harare.

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