Government Urges Revamp of Mining Training Skills


A government official has said it is important to shift the approach to developing skills and conducting audits in the mining sector.

By Patricia Rwafa

Speaking at the Skills Audit and Development and provincial stakeholders’ consultation workshop at Monomotapa Cresta Plaza Hotel,  Ambassador R.M. Chitiga who is the Secretary for Skills Audit and Development urged stakeholders to focus on skills education in local mining companies and colleges.

She emphasized that skills development is inclusive, transcending gender, disability, and all other backgrounds in the mining sector.

“The development of skills transcends gender. When men and women work together to learn and apply these skills, they can collectively contribute to poverty reduction and national progress. Universities should play a vital role in equipping students with the skills needed for lithium battery production, a field crucial for a country’s technological advancement in the clean energy sector.”

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“Strong lithium battery skills are crucial for a country’s Vision 2030 goals. This encompasses not only the production of lithium itself but also the expertise required to manufacture batteries and develop a robust value chain in this sector.”

“Universities can play a key role in training students in oil and gas exploration and production, particularly for fields like Muzarabani. This would equip graduates with the necessary skills to contribute to the country’s development in this sector. The rise of artificial granite production by countries like China highlights the need for innovation in the natural granite industry. By developing unique skills and value-added products, a country can differentiate itself in the global market.” Chitiga said

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