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‘Gvt must establish a quarter system for women in mining’ – ZELA

‘Gvt must establish a quarter system for women in mining’ – ZELA

Zimbabwe Environmental and Law Association (ZELA) said the government must establish a quarter system whereby a portion of land is set aside for women who wish to venture into mining.

Shantel Chisango

Speaking on the issue of empowering women, ZELA Programme Assistant Fadzai Midzi stated that the mining sector is a male dominant and labour-intensive place, hence there is a need to set aside land for the women so that they do not face harsh conditions when working.

“We need affirmative action, some form of a quarter system whereby the government sets aside maybe a piece of land meant for women who want to do mining.”

Mrs Midzi mentioned that there is still plenty of work which needs to be done when it comes to empowering women in the mining industry.

“There is a need for the government to create diversification for all women in the sector, as well as create an enabling environment to make sure that women are knowledgeable of all the procedures in mining,’ said Fadzai.

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Although there is still a long way to go in empowering women in the mining sector, Fadzai said the government has been trying its level best in supporting them.
She mentioned that through the Fidelity Life Printers (FPR), the government was able to establish the gold funding for women which assists women with all they need in mining.
She went on to say that the presence of the School of Mines has been greatly appreciated since it has assisted women in becoming knowledgeable in the mining industry.

Women in the mining sector have been vulnerable to abuse, victimisation, and men using intimidation to forcefully take their mines.

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