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Interview: Freda Rebecca Managing Director Patrick Maseva Shayawabaya

Interview: Freda Rebecca Managing Director Patrick Maseva Shayawabaya

Patrick Maseva Shayawabaya

With over three decades of Executive Management experience in Zimbabwe and the SADC region, Patrick Maseva Shayawabaya currently serves as the Managing Director at Freda Rebecca the country’s biggest gold producer. Prior to his current role, Shayawabaya has held several prominent positions such as Chief Finance Officer and Executive Director at various esteemed organizations including Hippo Valley Estates Limited, Zimplats Holdings Limited, Shanta Gold Limited, Teichmann Group, and Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited.

Mining Zimbabwe sat done down with Patrick Maseva Shayawabaya and here is how the interview went.

Could you please provide an overview of your role as the Managing Director at Freda Rebecca?

A: Together with the Board, I develop the strategy of the Company and thereafter lead the Management team in its execution.

How long have you been working at Freda Rebecca, and what has been your most significant achievement during your tenure?

A: I joined Freda Rebecca in July 2022. I have strengthened systems and ensured that procedures are adhered to companywide, without exception.

What strategies have you implemented to ensure efficient operations and successful outcomes at Freda Rebecca?

I have ensured that there is an uncompromising focus by all employees on the attainment of safety, production and cost targets.

How do you ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards in the mining industry?

Mining environments are inherently unsafe. Therefore, compliance with regulations and safety standards is non-negotiable and non-compliance has consequences, including dismissal.

Can you share any initiatives that you have undertaken to promote sustainability and responsible mining practices at Freda Rebecca?

There have been no new initiatives in this regard as Freda has always operated in full compliance with all laws and regulations of the country. In addition, Freda is ISO45001 and 9001 certified and we will seek to maintain these certifications.

How do you encourage and foster a positive work culture and environment within your team at Freda Rebecca?

I accept that do not have a monopoly of knowledge and ideas. I, therefore, seek, value and encourage my team to freely contribute and express themselves on any issues under discussion.

What challenges have you faced as the Managing Director, and how have you overcome them?

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Trying to change the culture of the Company. It is a process which will take time to achieve but the I am satisfied with the progress so far.

What steps have you taken to build strong relationships with stakeholders, including local communities and government authorities?

I work very closely with all key stakeholders in the province like the Office of the Provincial Minister and all Government agencies, Bindura Town and Rural Councils. Freda recently partnered with the Provincial Minister in preparing for the National Independence celebrations which were hosted in the Province and we also assist the Bindura Town Council in meeting the clean water requirements of Bindura residents. Through our CSR initiatives, we have assisted Bindura Provincial Hospital and local schools. We also provide attachment opportunities to +/-60 students from local universities and also have 22 graduate trainees.

In your opinion, what sets Freda Rebecca apart from other similar mining companies in terms of its operations and values?

Easily accessible ore bodies are extractable by shallow underground and open pit mining. Freda is also ideally located on the outskirts of Bindura, only 87km away from Harare and served by a major all-weather road and has easy access to most of its inputs and services.

How do you see the future of Freda Rebecca, and what are your plans to further enhance its growth and success in the coming years?

The priority at this time is a successful conclusion of the exploration programme currently underway on Freda’s Lease Area in Bindura that will hopefully result in a longer life of mine for the existing operations. Elsewhere in the country, the Company has highly prospective claim holdings which have the potential to be major gold mining operations of the future.

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