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Invest more in exploration, research, miners told

Invest more in exploration, research, miners told

PLAYERS in the mining sector should invest more in exploration operations and research to ascertain the actual mineral reserves before extraction to avoid unnecessary degradation and losses, an industry executive has said.

Speaking during a recent Antech Laboratories open day in Kwekwe, Midlands provincial mines director, Mr Tariro Ndlovu, said unlocking higher mining value should ride on comprehensive exploration and research outcomes.

Antech Laboratories is a Kwekwe based company, which offers mining and exploration services, industry geochemical analysis, mine site assaying and metallurgical testing support mining and exploration companies to measure and develop their resources.

The inaugural open day brought together miners and stakeholders in the mining sector to discuss challenges facing the mining industry and how to overcome them.

“The decisions about exploration and grading should be based on the data generated by these analytical laboratories, not guesswork. Zimbabwe’s mining sector is highly diversified with close to 40 minerals, which are very key in economic development, particularly attaining Vision 2030,” said Mr Ndlovu.

“Zimbabwe’s transition into an upper-middle-income economy status requires reliable and reproducible test results in the mining sector since the country’s economy relies heavily on mining and mineral exploitation.

“Metallurgical assaying laboratories like Antech play a critical role in the mining and mineral processing sector in that it conducts mineral assays in support of exploration, research and control in the processing plant.”

The mine’s director also said exploration was key in the monitoring of the environment as the mining companies carry out their mining activities. The mining sector continues to be the bedrock of the country’s economy in terms of export earnings.

As such, Mr Ndlovu said the Government was committed to the full support of the sector to ensure improved output and quality operational standards.

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He said the theme for the event: “Optimising mining operations and exploration through rapid reliable analytical services” was timely and in line with the objectives of the Government’s Vision 2030.

Laboratory manager Mr Edson Luwobo highlighted the need to strengthen synergies between mining and exploration industry and assaying labs.


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