Kuvimba’s Gold Output Reaches 300 kg Monthly, Eyes Further Expansion

Trevor Barnard

The country’s biggest operational asset holder, Kuvimba Mining House (KMH), is making waves with its impressive gold production, averaging 300 kilograms of gold per month from its three gold mines.

By Rudairo Mapuranga

KMH is also setting its sights on expanding its resource base through new exploration projects, according to KMH Group CEO Trevor Barnard.

Kuvimba currently operates three key gold mines namely Freda Rebecca Gold Mine, Shamva Gold Mine, and Jena Mines. Despite already achieving significant output, the company is not resting on its laurels.

“Currently, we are producing around 300 kilograms of gold per month, which is the target we are aiming for. However, we are also exploring further projects in the gold sector to increase our resource base. This will help ensure long-term stability. We are developing several new projects to increase our production and improve efficiencies in our current operations,” Barnard stated.

The KMH Group CEO said that with a robust strategy and a keen eye on future opportunities, Kuvimba Mining House is poised to further solidify its position in the gold sector, ensuring continued growth and stability.

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Barnard highlighted the strategic importance of gold to KMH, particularly in light of rising gold prices. He emphasized the company’s ongoing efforts to secure additional gold claims to maximize benefits from the lucrative market conditions.

“Gold has been very beneficial for us and is one of the key assets in our portfolio. We are currently managing three successful operations.

“As for the potential of further acquisitions, that possibility is always on the horizon. It depends on the value those acquisitions can bring and whether we can unlock additional value from them. It is still a bit early to provide specific details on that front,” Barnard said.

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