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Machete gang kills artisanal miner in Kadoma

Machete gang kills artisanal miner in Kadoma

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While the Police have been working flat out to ensure that the proliferation of machete-wielding criminals who are known for targeting and robbing artisanal and small-scale miners are flashed out, a Kadoma miner has fallen victim to a machete gang who allegedly killed him on Monday.

According to sources from the mining community, the miner only identified as Kilo was allegedly killed at Dhiva Mine Compound, Etina, Eiffel Flats in Kadoma on Monday after he was attacked by a machete gang who wanted to rob him and his colleagues of the ore they had mined.

However, the police have identified Kilo as a member of a machete gang belonging to a group led by one Cleopas Jaison and investigations are currently underway to discover the course of death.

“Police in Kadoma are investigating a case of murder which occurred on 16/01/23 at Dhiva Mine Compound, Etina, Eiffel Flats.

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“The victim, only identified as Kilo, died after he was attacked with machetes catapults, knives and chisels during a clash between a group identified as “Magaya and another group allegedly led by Cleopas Jaison.

“The victim allegedly belonged to Cleopas Jaison’s group. The Police have so far arrested Cleopas Magaya (32),” the police said.

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