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Magaya swindles mining equipment supplier

Magaya swindles mining equipment supplier

Magaya swindles small scale mining equipment supplier

Founder and Leader of Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries Walter Magaya has yet again tangled himself in another small-scale mining-related controversy.

Through his company Yadah Connect, Magaya reportedly took mining equipment worth over USD 30 000 early this year on credit from reputable small-scale miners’ equipment supplier Matabeleland Engineering which he’s reportedly dodging.

According to the company, Magaya could have paid his debt in full by June this year. The company approached him with yet another a payment plan which he failed to honour citing lockdown challenges. They then extended payment dates which were supposed to be paid by 28 August, Magaya could not pay again.

The company has therefore resorted to giving Magaya a 7-day ultimatum in which they threatened to take him to the courts of law if he fails to pay for the balance.

“Please be advised that unless we receive payment in full on this account within seven working days from the date of service of this letter, we will immediately turn this account over to our attorneys for collection proceedings against you without further notice.

“The proceeding will include legal court and court-related costs in connection with the collection of this past due to account and will substantially increase the amount that you owe us.

“Collection proceeding also have an adverse effect on your credit rating.” reads the letter in part.

The controversial prophet reportedly ignores all forms of communication from the supplier.

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Efforts to reach Magaya by this publication where fruitless and messages went unanswered.

Matabeleland Engineering which trades as YAGDEN is a reputable small-scale miners equipment supplier that gives equipment to miners on credit through a payment plan.

The failure by Magaya to pay the supplier its dues has prompted fears that the company will cut its interest in providing equipment to miners on credit.

The company has worked with several Certificate holding small scale miners by supplying equipment on credit through a payment plan.

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