Mimosa, Blanket shine at National Rescue competitions

Mimosa MRAZ

Mimosa Mining Company and Caledonia’s Blanket Mine dominated this year’s Mine Rescue Association of Zimbabwe (MRAZ) national competitions with the teams scooping the best team of the tournament for Proto teams and Freshair teams respectively.

Rudairo Mapuranga

In the FreshAir team category, Blanket Mine was number one ahead of Kuvimba Mining House (KMH) owned Shamva Gold Mine and Jena Mines who took second and third places respectively.

Blanket Mine took the best FreshAir team captain and Mfowetu Nkala of Blanket also took the best individual initial training (workload test).

Others FreshAir results

The best individual initial training (theory results ) was Tashinga Chimonyo of Jena Mines. Workload’s Best individual male was taken by Spencer Makuwaza of SMC Zimplats, while the Best individual female workload was Promise Musingamiri of Jena Mines. Workload best team was SMC Zimplats.

In the proto-team category,  

Mimosa took the first position with 1217 points, while Blanket Mine which was on 1183 points took second. The previous winners for proto team How Mine, were third with 1169 points. Unki Mine was in position fourth with 1137 points while Kuvimba’s Freda Rebecca took fifth with 1108 points and Redwing was last with 730 points.

For Prototeams, the Best individual training (workload test) was Brain Mlambo of HowMine. In contrast, the Best individual initial training (theory results ) was Takudzwa Diniel Mawere of Mimosa Mine with Workload Best individual male taken by Knowledge Makitosi of Mimosa Mine.

 Workload best individual female was taken by Rumbidzai Makurira of Unki Mines while Workload’s best team and best team captain went to Mimosa Mine.

The Mine Rescue National Competitions work instructions were as follows 

An electrical transformer was reportedly blown up early this morning around 0200hrs along the 8-level South conveyor drive. A 15-member team was doing housekeeping along the conveyor belt during the incident. Three employees managed to escape to the surface and twelve employees are yet to be accounted for. The missing employees are suspected to be trapped along 8 level South 6 Level South link road.

The explosion is also suspected to have caused structural damages to the 6-level South water dam.

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Your team is required to

1) Assess the conditions in 8LS and determine if there is water ingress from the damaged dam

2) Prepare for the electrical maintenance crew by lashing our ore accumulations in the 8-level South travelling way.

3) Search for and rescue the missing employees.

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