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Minerals must be reserved for local communities.

Minerals must be reserved for local communities.

Communities have been complaining about politically and financially stable individuals who snatch mineral resources from poor communities, and are demanding that minerals must be reserved for communities.

Shantel Chisango

Such complaints came after rich tycoons have been recorded to forcefully grab mines from locals using their political powers.

MiningZimbabwe recently visited a community in Chegutu where the community was crying foul of rich people coming to their communities taking their mineral resources.

Cases have also been reported all around the country whereby foreigners or rich businessmen come claiming mines that locals would have been extracting minerals from.

There is urgence from the government’s side to form policies that protect local communities from being robbed of their resources by rich tycoons.

Furthermore, the government must make an initiative to educate local communities over all the procedures that must be followed when mining so that they do not engage themselves in illegal mining.
Moreover, communities must always research information about all that needs to be done before engaging in mining activities  to avoid being duped by rich tycoons.

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Local communities must be given the privilege to enjoy mineral resources that surrounds them do that their communities can be developed.

In addition, policies must be enforced to stop daylight robberies of minerals from the community.

Investors must not be given more of the minerals and more profits than the country can benefit from the venture that would have been done.

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