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Mines Bill awaits minister’s approval

Mines Bill awaits minister’s approval

Edmond Mkaratigwa

Mines and Mineral Bill is awaiting the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development Minister’s approval for it to be forwarded to Parliament, Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines Chairperson has said.

By Shantel T Chisango

Speaking to Mining Zimbabwe, Parliamentary Portfolio Committee Chairperson Honourable Edmond Mkaratigwa said the Mines Bill is long overdue. He said the bill was supposed to have been out in September of 2020, and the Mines Minister can hasten the process by approving the Bill.

He further said if the Bill gets approved, it will not take the Parliament more than three months to pass the bill because Parliament Presiding officers have been awaiting the Bill for a long time.

“As Parliament and Committee Chairman we are yielding to ensure that the bill is released as early as possible.”

Mkaratigwa, in addition, applauded small-scale miners and all stake-holders including Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) for not tiring from putting pressure on the responsible officials in a bid to make the Bill be released quickly.

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He went on to say that this year will yield results and will be good for miners.

“I can confidently say this year is the year for miners,” Mkaratigwa said.

The Bill has the key for the country’s short-term and long-term economic vision, said Mkaratigwa.

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