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Mines Committee planning to hold an all-stakeholder meeting

Mines Committee planning to hold an all-stakeholder meeting

Edmond Mkaratigwa

The Mines Portfolio Parliamentary Committee plans to convene an all-stakeholder meeting to discuss the Mines and Minerals Bill amendments.

By Shantel Chisango

Speaking to Mining Zimbabwe, Mines Portfolio Chairman Edmond Mkaratigwa stated that there has been an increasing need for new concerns to be included in the Bill, which is why a stakeholder meeting is crucial.

“We anticipate to hold an all stakeholder conference though, in the process to have any reservations and advancements considered,” said Mkaratigwa.

He went on to clarify that the Committee’s goal is to make sure that fresh ideas are thoroughly reviewed.

“The Committee’s strategy to ensure any new ideas are fully considered and incorporated if possible.”

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According to Mkaratigwa, certain parts of the Mines Act are unlikely to be looked into due to the large number of sections that need to be amended.

He further advised the public to wait patiently on the procedures of the amendment of the Mines Act, because currently the Bill is not in the possession of the Committee but of the president’s office hence it is beyond their power to do anything as of now.

The Mines and Mineral Act provide for the control of mining operations in Zimbabwe, the establishment of the Mining Affairs Board and the administration of the Act and for the definition of various rights and duties of persons involved in mining operations or circumstances relating to such operations.

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