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BREAKING: MMCZ calls on miners to value add minerals, avoid side marketing

BREAKING: MMCZ calls on miners to value add minerals, avoid side marketing

Tongai Muzenda

The Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) has called on the country’s Small scale, and artisanal mining sector to avoid side marketing and be geared to value add their produce for sustainable returns.

Rudairo Mapuranga

Speaking at the Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) Induction and Stakeholders Consultative Workshop on Wednesday MMCZ General Manager Mr. Tongai Muzenda said it was of utmost importance for miners to value add their minerals as this would triple the mineral’s value.

Muzenda encouraged miners not to blindly enter into agreements with foreign investors without a contract of value addition as this would only disadvantage the miner and benefit only investors.

“MMCZ ‘s role in value addition is in encouraging producers to value add their products.

“In value-adding chrome concentrates are further processed to produce ferrochrome, enhancing the original value threefold.

“Another example is tantalite concentrate which is converted into tantalite powder which is used in capacitors, making the incremental value fourfold,” Muzenda said.

The MMCZ General Manager also said that side marketing of Minerals was a disadvantage rather than an advantage to miners. He said many miners who smuggle minerals were losing out because outside the country they would not have the leverage to negotiate a fair price.

“Avoid side marketing and have the real value of your mineral product correctly determined.

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“Avoid legal risk by following the proper channels.

“MMCZ is there to maximize value for your products, feel free to contact us,” Muzenda said.

The Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe is an important organ in the mining sector because it is the sole marketing body of minerals found in Zimbabwe except for silver and gold.

The  MMCZ also plays an advisory role as it, advises producers on policies that encourage investments into the mining industry, Encourage export of processed as opposed to raw minerals, Identify and lobby strategic foreign investors to partner with small scale miners, Facilitates foreign investments into mining and mining-related activities, Advise producers on cyclical patterns in terms of mineral demand, Advise producers on the marketability of minerals and Mineral identification and mineral evaluation services.

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