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MMCZ to revoke the local chrome ore sales exemption

MMCZ to revoke the local chrome ore sales exemption

Tongai Muzenda

Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ), intends to cancel the exemption for chrome ore, both lumpy and concentrates on domestic sales in line with the Statutory Instrument (SI) 111 of 1983 – Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (Exemption) Regulation 1983 Section 6 the Corporation said on its Facebook page.

According to Section 3 of the aforementioned SI, the Corporation had exempted local chrome sales. However, given the difficulties that chrome miners are facing with local buyers, MMCZ intends to cancel the exemption.

MMCZ assures all stakeholders that the corporation is currently working to establish the necessary infrastructure and modalities to bring domestic sales under its purview for the benefit of all parties involved in the chrome ore trade. Once finalized, all stakeholders will be notified.

Meanwhile, MMCZ informs stakeholders that the current ex-works are as given below. The price list will be updated on a regular basis.

The minerals that the MMCZ markets are categorized into three major groups, namely: Metals, Industrial Minerals, and Gemstones. The major minerals in each category are;

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Metals: High Carbon Ferrochrome, Platinum Group Metals, Nickel and Steel, etc.

Non-Metals: Diamond, Emerald, Petalite, Coal. Coke, Vermiculite, and Aquamarine, lithium, uranium, coal, and coal bed methane gas.

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