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Notorious Chinese man Zhu cheating locals out of gemstones

Notorious Chinese man Zhu cheating locals out of gemstones

Notorious Chinese man Zhu cheating locals out of gemstones

A Chinese man known as Mr. Zhu is allegedly reported to be cruelly cheating locals out of gemstones and hurriedly pegging claims where the locals would have been working on.

A Mr. Mberikwazvo approached Mining Zimbabwe after reading a story we published yesterday of a man who got two loaves and Super as a token of appreciation and confirmed he knew Honamombe and he himself was a victim of Zhu’s shenanigans.

Mberikwazvo alleged that Zhu is a gemstone buyer who is usually approached by local gemstone miners and dealers. Mberikwazvo said to ensure he tricks the seller he buys a small quantity at a ridiculous amount and rejects the rest of the stones. He then tells the seller to show him the location of the stones so that he can show the seller the correct stones he prefers.

“I went to Zhou’s home at Philadelphia flats in Borrowdale with clear and specimen quartz gemstones. He then purchased a kg at $3 which was only a disguise to make me think he was a genuinely interested dealer. Zhou then said we should go to the mine location at Tsanzaguru in Rusape after expressing interest in buying more. He bought me sadza, chicken and a beverage then we went to the mine site”.

When we got to the mine site he rejected all stones saying NO GUDHA (no good), RUBBISH,” said the Mberikwazvo.

Mberikwazvo then left the mine in the company of Zhou late and his driver known as Tino the same afternoon only to hear that Zhu was seen at the very mine at 6 am the following morning.

Zhu struck once again buying a truck full of the quartz from the people at the mine excluding Mberikwazvo at a paltry US$20.

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Zhu suspected to be an ex-Army officer evidenced by the uniform he wears is reported to use the same modus operandi on seemingly uninformed locals.

Zhu reportedly travels around in the company of his driver known as Tino.

Mining Zimbabwe sent Zhu a message for his comment but until the time of publishing, he had not responded.

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