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Questions answered on mining in Zimbabwe

Questions answered on mining in Zimbabwe

Questions answered on mining in Zimbabwe

1. How many minerals exist in Zimbabwe

– Zimbabwe is highly endowed with mineral resources has over 65 known minerals.

2. What sort of people can get involved in mining?

– Anyone Zimbabwean citizen can get into mining as long as they are above 18 years and they follow the set-out procedures and regulations.

3. What is the most popular mineral mined in Zimbabwe?

– Zimbabwe has several minerals that are exploited, the most popular being gold.

4. Where can I sell my gold after I have mined it?

– All gold is sold to Fidelity Printers and Refiners.

5. Can I find a market for the other minerals mined in the country

– Yes you can establish a market for a minerals through the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ)

6. What is a Special Grant?

– It is type of mining title that gives the user rights to mine in an area put aside for other land use (reserved area).

7. What are the kinds of testwork that are carried out?

– Vat leaching ,Heap leaching ,Free gold analysis Amalgamation ,Rod and Ball milling ,Agitation leaching, Gravity concentration, Bottle rolling, Flotation Magnetic separation, Size analysis, Fire Assay, Chemical Analysis.

8. What is the cost of the services that are offered by the company?(i.e. cost of each service)

– All our costs are gazette on the Statutory Instrument 10 0f 2016, Mining(General)(Amendment)Regulations,2016(No.19)

9. Does the Department offer assistance to miners?

– Yes we offer technical assistance.

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10. Can we use your equipment for production?

– No, the Department offers  lab scale services only.

11. Are you ISO certified?

– In progress.

12. Can the Department test all different kinds of minerals or there are specific minerals that can be tested at the department?

– All minerals found in Zimbabwe can be processed.

Ministry of Mines and Mining Development
6th Floor, ZIMRE Centre
Cnr L.Takawira St/ K. Nkrumah Ave.
Harare, Zimbabwe

+263242777022 – 9

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