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Safety and health in the mining sector is our main thrust, ZMF

Safety and health in the mining sector is our main thrust, ZMF

Morgan Mugawu

Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) Secretary-General Mr Morgan Mugawu on Thursday emphasized safety in the mining sector as the main thrust of the organization and all miners.

Shantel T Chisango

Speaking at a ZMF Stakeholder meeting held in Msasa yesterday, Mugawu said partnering towards the success of achieving the 12 billion goal by 2023 safety and health is the main thrust of the organization.

The mining sector has been hit with a huge number of accidents, and the numbers have been surging due to the lack of proper safety and health conditions.

He further gave thanks to Nyaradzo Funeral Services, Cassava Smartech for being major sponsors of the event and to all service providers who are going to partner with ZMF.

During the meeting, ZMF President Ms. Henrietta Rushwaya cordially invited the present parties to join the organization.

“We cordially invite you to become ZMF members and please note that there are quite many advantages that go with being associated with our brand. Throughout the year we will be conducting seminars, conferences and other outreach programmes and we would like you to form part of our big ZMF family. These events bring key stakeholders and general councillors from associations dotted around the nation to the table, these provide network opportunities,” Rushwaya said.

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The meeting was held at ZMF headquarters in Msasa and was attended by over 25 firms that are willing to partner with ZMF in its journey.

The membership categories comprised of Platinum Membership at $3,000USD, Diamond membership $2,000, Gold Membership $1,000, Silver Membership $500 and lastly Bronze Membership $350.

New members include Econet Insurance, Ivory Gold Pvt Ltd, CureChem, UNESCO Chirinda, Innovative Industrial Safety Solutions, YAN LIN Private Company among others.

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