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Soda should prioritize engaging workers

Soda should prioritize engaging workers

Justice Chinhema

Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Mineral Workers Union (ZDAMWU) said the appointment of Hon Soda Zhemu as the Minister of Mines and Mining Development should see him prioritizing consulting Workers in matters of policy as they are an important stakeholder in the mining industry.

Rudairo Mapuranga

Speaking to Mining Zimbabwe ZDAMWU General Secretary Mr Justice Chinhema said the Minister should recognize the role of workers in mining growth and development.

He said for the mining vision to reach a US$12 billion mining economy by the end of this year, the plight of workers should be addressed.

“We welcome Hon Soda into a very critical ministry of our economy. We are expecting to see a change on approach to the sector in many ways. We want a minister who consults workers, and who recognises the role workers play in an economy.

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“In the previous administration, Policies were crafted and there was no worker’s consultation,” Chinhema said.

Stakeholders are looking for the Hon Minister Soda to address energy and power issues, the finalization of the national minerals development policy, ASM subsector policy, various mineral-specific policies (we only have a diamond policy), finalization of the amendments to the Mines and Minerals Act and various subsidiary legislations and regulations. Provide a clear framework on how the country is to navigate the green transition optimally given that the country still has a lot of hydrocarbon (including fossil) resources and is also richly endowed with critical energy minerals that feed the green energy revolution. Finalize the implementation of the computerized cadastre or institute even better tech systems that promote transparency and accountability as well as administration in the mining sector. Create ease of doing business and drastically and positively shift the country’s policy and fiscal perception indices. Come up with a comprehensive ASM formalization strategy and implement it. Market the country’s mineral resources in order to attract increased FDI flows into the sector, and enhance the marketing of the country’s mineral products to ensure maximum economic benefit to the country. Promote inclusivity in the exploitation of the mineral resources and ensure the broad-based sharing of the benefits from the mining sector including designing a strategy for the implementation of the devolution agenda with respect to mining.

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