Two die at Redwing mine

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Two people died at Redwing mine in Manicaland Police spokesperson Inspector Nobert Muzondo has confirmed.

Inspector Muzondo confirmed that Hardlife Dzamiti (21) was trapped after a mudslide into the shaft he was working in.

“Police confirm the sudden death by trapping in Penhalonga on March 13, 2023, of Hardlife Dzamiti (21) of Chiware village under Chief Nyashanu, Buhera, who entered into a mine shaft 8 metres deep. While inside, a mudslide fell into the mineshaft, trapping him,” Muzondo said.

“On the same day, Joshua Ncube from Harare died of suffocation. Police said the now-deceased Ncube was in the company of Terrence Magwara in a 13-metre deep mineshaft when he developed some difficulties in breathing and died.”

He added: “Mine deaths occur almost occasionally, the frequency is high because we have illegal miners who are sneaking into disused shafts. As Police, it is our call to those who are sneaking into the mineshafts to desist because the soils are loose because of the incessant rains.”

Centre for Research and Development director James Mupfumi said they were worried about recurrent deaths at Redwing Mine.

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“Perpetrators of slave labour in mining pits at Redwing Mine are behind gold smuggling, tax evasion and environmental degradation and loss of lives in Penhalonga and we are worried,” he said.

Centre for Natural Resource Governance director Farai Maguwu said: “There is unsafe mining that is happening at the mine and that should be stopped.”

Better Brands officials could not be reached for comment.

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