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Two issues delay the first production at Zulu Lithium – CEO

Two issues delay the first production at Zulu Lithium – CEO

George Roach

Premier African Minerals Limited, has reported that two issues have delayed the first production at Zulu Lithium and Tantalum Project located in Fort Rixon, 80km from Zimbabwe’s second capital city.

George Roach, Chief Executive Officer, said the issues will be resolved in the coming days.

“Two issues have delayed production this past weekend. The first is one final approval from a Zimbabwean authority who is working closely with Zulu to ensure that the approval is provided as soon as possible.

The second is the late delivery of one outstanding reagent. This was short-ordered due to an error on the part of the plant supplier as announced on the 29 March 2023. The reagent is freely available but not in Africa and complications related to airfreight of a chemical substance has caused this delay. It must be noted that the delay on this reagent does not necessarily stop the production of spodumene, however it will affect the grade of spodumene concentrate produced.

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We believe that the above issues will be resolved in the coming days and will update the market thereafter,” Roach concluded.

About George Roach

George Roach has extensive experience in the natural resources sector in Africa. He has successfully obtained licenses and concluded mineral exploration and exploitation agreements in the entire SADC region, Ethiopia and most of the CEMAC and ECOWAS regions. Under the auspices of Exploration Services, he provided consultancy to prospective exploration companies and has acted in significant capacities for a number of start-ups that have subsequently listed on AIM and TSX-V. Prior to founding Premier, Mr Roach was Managing Director of Africa, for UraMin Inc. Mr Roach maintains a number of other interests in start-ups which include Anglo African Agriculture that recently acquired the Southern Africa-based business of Dynamic Intertrade, as well as Agriminco Inc. A TSX-V listed Agricultural developer in Africa.
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