Unki production increases by 17 per cent

Unki Platinum mine

AngloAmerican Platinum Limited (Amplats)’s Unki Mine saw a 17 per cent increase in production during the quarter ending on December 31, 2023, compared to the same quarter the previous year.

According to the Amplats Report for the fourth quarter ending on December 31, 2023, total M&C PGM production increased to 618,000 ounces during the quarter, a 17 per cent increase compared to the same quarter in 2022, which had 526,000 ounces. The report also stated that production increased by 2 percent during the quarter compared to the previous quarter ending on September 30, 2023, where 605,000 ounces were produced.

Production during 2023 also saw a 5 per cent increase to 2,438,000 ounces from the 2,321,000 ounces produced in 2022.

Despite the increase in Unki Mine’s production, Amplats’ PGM production (expressed as 5E+Au metal-in-concentrate) decreased by 6 per cent to 932,200 ounces. The total annual PGM production was 3,806,100 ounces.

Amplats’ own-managed mines saw a decrease of 3 per cent in PGM production to 543,500 ounces, mainly due to lower production at Amandelbult resulting from planned infrastructure closures and poor ground conditions at Dishaba Mine. The decrease at Amandelbult was partially offset by higher Unki Mine and Mogalakwena production.

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Amplats Joint Operations’ PGM production (mined and concentrate purchase) decreased by 47% to 104,400 ounces. The purchase of PGM concentrate from third parties increased by 21 per cent to 284,300 ounces, due to the inclusion of Kroondal production as 100 per cent third-party POC from November 1, 2023.

The group’s refined PGM production (owned production, excluding tolling) increased by 36 per cent to 1,191,100 ounces, with refined production in the previous period (Q4 2022) being impacted by the delay in recommissioning the Polokwane smelter. The total annual refined PGM production was 3,800,600 ounces.

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