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Zim to exhibit at Dubai Mining Expo

Zim to exhibit at Dubai Mining Expo

Minister Winston Chitando

Zimbabwe’s mining sector will, this month, exhibit at the Dubai Mining expo, as part of efforts to lure  more investors into the mining sector, Mines and Mining Development minister, Winston Chitando  has said.

The capital intensive mining sector has been clamouring for funding to ramp up production as government wants the industry to be a US$12bn sector by 2023.

Chitando said the sector was geared to participate at the expo.

“November is the mining month for Dubai Expo and for Zimbabwe we do have the mining investment on November  24, 2021 and we look forward to it.

“There’s lots from stakeholders and we look forward to a successful expo in November.

“This is an assurance that the US$12bn mining target in 2023 will be achieved as we are working tirelessly,” Chitando said.

Minerals  Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) general manager Tongai Muzenda said there will be virtual marketing during the mining expo.

“As a country we will be showcasing what we have and for us as MMCZ, we are really keen on marketing minerals which is in the last week of November.

“So what we will be doing is we will be showcasing our minerals. All minerals we will be showcasing to the world including electronic or virtual marketing. We have platforms that we have set up and all minerals will be there. We will be showing what we have done as Zimbabweans from mining through exports everything: diamonds, copper, gold everything. And this adds also positively to our US$12bn dollar target by 2023,” he said.

Chitando also said government was working on different projects around the country.

“We have very significant projects taking place, the major minerals being platinum, gold, diamonds, chrome and steel.

“We have notable projects in the Hwange area especially for the coal, coke and hydro carbon lithium where we have about nine different coal mining companies registered but most importantly value addition where we have a number of power stations which are being established and also in terms of the value addition,” he said.

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Chitando, however, admitted that the Ministry was facing challenges because it was using a manual system  for mining titles.

“To some extent, this has been contributing to disputes in terms of the holding of mining titles. I am glad that we are quite advanced to the mining administration system.”

He said the computerisation of the mining title administration known as the  cadastre system will help in supporting the US$12bn milestone.


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