Zimbabwe Biggest Mining Exhibition, a must attend

Mine Entra Expo 2021

The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) last week announced dates for the 25th edition of the Mining, Engineering and Transport Exhibition (Mine Entra) for early November in Bulawayo.

Rudairo Mapuranga

The event which will be held from November 3 to 5 provides a platform for players in the mining sector to engage with equipment suppliers and service providers creating an enabling environment for the growth and development of the mining industry.

Our trade publication the Mining Zimbabwe Magazine will be distributed free to all visitors at the expo carrying the advertiser’s message to critical players in the mining industry.

The mining sector is projected to be the country’s leading industry for economic resuscitation with the government coming up with the mining roadmap where the industry is expected to contribute annual revenue of US$12 billion by 2023 subsequently leading the country to achieve an upper-middle-income economy by 2030.

The MineEntra is therefore significant in bringing captains of the industry under one roof to discuss and deliberate the way forward in the achievement of the US$12 billion mining vision.

This year’s expo will feature an interesting and varied product mix appealing to large and small-scale mining operations.

The expo will help to explore, extract, expand and sharing of mining visions through the Women in Mining Conference and the Young Professionals Forum which will highlight opportunities for both women and youths It will also include the display of mining equipment, chemicals and protective clothes as well as insurance and security services which are needed by miners.

The following are the reasons miners and suppliers should attend without fail:

1)      One of the best channels to gain exposure

The Mine Entra event gathers influencers and decision-makers from all over the world into one location. This, therefore, becomes an advantage for both miners and equipment suppliers in Zimbabwe as they will be exposed to international standards of doing business. The MineEntra can also be the go-to marketing channel for mining companies (especially juniors) to promote their stock thus advancing the US$12 Billion mining roadmap. Trade Publications like Mining Mining

2)      Get in front of decision-makers face to face

The MineEntra is the only mining marketing exhibition channel in Zimbabwe where prospective miners and suppliers are given the opportunity to meet with multiple decision-makers face to face.

3)      Promotion

At Mine Entra, exhibitors can be given the opportunity to give a presentation to these decision-makers making it easy for them to promote their ideas and products without strain.

4)      Meet and connect with prospective customers

The Mine Entra exhibition allows exhibitors to meet and connect with prospective customers in person instead of communicating with them over the phone. This improves relationships between miners and suppliers thereby strengthening their bond.

5)      An opportunity to learn about new developments

The country’s biggest mining exhibition and conference is a place for suppliers to announce and display their latest innovations and developments, exhibiting at the Mine Entra gives an opportunity for suppliers to make new sales and connect with new and existing customers.

6)       An opportunity to Rapidly expand database of sales leads

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While skimming through the internet and social media might help in coming up with a database, it often gives companies thousands of unqualified phone numbers. The Mine Entra Exhibition becomes the only platform in Zimbabwe to give you qualified leads. Exhibiting at the Mine Entra has the potential to give exhibitors hundreds of visitors per day at their exhibition booth.

7)      Optimise sales and lead generation strategy

The Mine Entra is an excellent opportunity for companies to expose their sales team to hundreds of different prospects in a short period, it gives companies a quick experience that allows them to rapidly test new sales tricks and marketing strategies in a very responsive environment. It gives suppliers the opportunity to try different sales pitches on prospects and quickly learn which ones work and which ones don’t.

8)      Learn what competitors are doing right

Exhibiting at the Mine Entra allows companies to observe what their competitors are doing right and apply their tactics to their own businesses. Great businesses are aware of their competitors, and trade shows are one of the best opportunities to connect with competitors and understand their sales strategy, their pricing, and the reasons for their success.

9)      Strengthen and brand establishment

The MineEntra gives companies the opportunity to strengthen their brands through face to face meetings, learning about their competitors and optimizing sales and leads strategies.

10)   Close deals with new customers during the show

Suppliers have the opportunity to close deals with miners during the MineEntra exhibitions because most miners will be there  solely to find new equipment and better deals.

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