Zimbabwe gold buying prices per gram 10 June 2024

gold buying Zimbabwe

Fidelity Gold Refinery (FGR) official gold buying prices/ gram. See the Zimbabwe gold buying prices per gram today 10 June 2024.

SG 90% AND ABOVE US$70.20/g
SG ABOVE 85% BUT BELOW 90% US$69.46g
SG ABOVE 80% BUT BELOW 85% US$68.72/g
SG ABOVE 75% BUT BELOW 80% US$67.97/g

Fire Assay CASH $70.57/g

NB: Fire Assay cash price is for gold above 100gs, no sample is deducted.
For the Fire Assay Transfer price, a sample of not more than 10g is deducted
A 2% royalty is charged on all deposits (Small-scale miners)
A 5% royalty is set for Primary Producers

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Cash available. Fidelity Gold Refinery prices will be changing daily to match world market prices.

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