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Zimplats appoints its first female mine captain

Zimplats appoints its first female mine captain

Tsitsi Dhambuza

Zimbabwe’ largest Platinum producer Zimplats recently appointed a 30-year-old female mining engineer Tsitsi Dhambuza as its mine captain demonstrating that it is committed to diversity and inclusion.

Rudairo Mapuranga

Dhambuza said she was honoured to have been awarded the post and it shows that Zimplats recognizes qualifications, attitude and capability regardless of gender.

“Zimplats is committed to diversity and inclusion. Zimplats recently appointed its first female mine captain, Tsitsi Dhambuza, a 30-year-old mining engineer,” the miner said in a statement.

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Commenting on the appointment Tsitsi said: “I am immensely proud and honoured to be the first female mine captain at Zimplats, as it shows the Company recognises the right qualifications, attitude and capabilities, regardless of gender,” Implats said.

The Zimbabwe mining sector did not have many women engineers before 2015. Tsitsi is one of the few female mining engineers that were from the post-2015 era and probably the first at Zimplats to attain such a role considering the background. It is applaudable that she has been given the role, it is a milestone to those who advocate for gender equity and empowering of women. Post-2015 era, at least more than five female mining engineers are graduating from the local institutions, and the country now has more than one institution offering Mining Engineering as a degree program.

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