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Zimplats recruited 47 women in 2021

Zimplats recruited 47 women in 2021

Zimplats CEO Alex Mhembere

Australian Stock Exchange-listed platinum group of metals (PGM) producer Zimplats this year recruited 47 women, according to Implats Social and Governance (ESG) report for 2021.

Anerudo Mapuranga

According to Implats, gender diversity and gender mainstreaming have been a focus for the company over the past few years and for the industry through the Minerals Council initiatives to advance gender diversity and inclusion.

The company focuses on creating an environment conducive to gender equality and on addressing barriers to the employment, retention and advancement of women.

Implats said gender equity forums at its operations have made significant progress in advancing gender mainstreaming activities over the past few years which has led to Zimplats employing 47 women to aid in the mine development.

“Women account for 8.7% (309 of the 3 549 permanent employees) of the total workforce at Zimplats. Despite a restriction on external recruitment for non-critical skills due to the tough economic environment, an additional 47 women were recruited this year.

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Winston Chitando

“Zimplats has established a gender management framework and a dedicated gender forum and implements similar initiatives to those at our South African operations aimed at recruiting and advancing women into higher positions,” Implats said.

Implats recognises that pay differentiation on the basis of race or gender is unacceptable and must be eradicated. The company has further analysed the findings and have developed a fair pay policy and strategy to remediate the disparities over the next three years by implementing targeted interventions to adjust pay levels where gender or race pay variables exist.

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