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Zvishavane women miners in pursuit of growth in the ASM

Zvishavane women miners in pursuit of growth in the ASM

Zvishavane women miners

Zvishavane Women Miners are working towards the improvement and growth of women in the Artisanal Small Scale (ASM), through empowering each other in between gatherings and workshops.

By Shantel Chisango

The Association, yesterday gathered at Caravan Park for their mining monthly meeting to discuss the obstacles that women are encountering in the mining sector, as well as coming up with solutions to the challenges faced in the sector.

Zvishavane Women Miners Chairwoman Shuvai Mutami said, “As women miners, we continue to empower each other to work towards growth and development in the ASM sector.”

During the gathering, women from the Sabi tribe raised concerns over the belief that there are sacred areas in mines where women are not allowed to be.

The Chairwoman advised women to respect sacred places in mines. She further suggested that chiefs be honored, as well as their mining areas, saying creating good relationships brings harmony.

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The association comprises dozens of women from different parts of Zvishavane and Mberengwa, a small, active mining town 32 kilometers (19.8 miles) away. A small proportion is registered small-scale miners who mine gold or chrome. The rest are Artisanal miners – lone workers who often mine illegally or without adequate machinery – who hope to get into established small-scale mining.

The women meet once a month, assisting each other with issues such as getting a license, reporting their earnings, and pegging out potential plots. In between meetings, the workshop issues on WhatsApp.

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