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Dinde leader arrested for inciting violence in court today

Dinde leader arrested for inciting violence in court today

Hwange dinde community

Dinde community leader, Never Tshuma will appear at the Hwange Magistrate court today facing charges of inciting public violence in his quest to stop Chinese company Beifa investments to stop exploration of coal in the area.

Tshuma from Katambe Village in Dinde was arrested in April on the allegations of inciting villagers to resist the exploration of coal by Chinese company Beifer Investments.

It has been reported that Beifer Investments has the support of the state to operate on that site, whereas the locals feel offended by such action hence them besieging the site where Beifer is set to operate on.

According to CNRG founding Director Farai Maguwu, the Chinese are not only are harassing locals by exploring where locals are located, but they are destroying gravesites in Dinde.

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“The Chinese have started drilling at Dinde, very close to the community graveside. Why desecrate the final resting place of our dearly departed ones, all in search of ill-gotten wealth. This criminality must stop,” said Maguwu.

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