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Mliswa links Musengi to machete gangs, mine hijacking

Mliswa links Musengi to machete gangs, mine hijacking

Vengi Musengi

Norton Legislator Hon Temba Mliswa has linked ZANU PF Mashonaland West youth leader Vengi Musengi to machete-wielding gangs who are in the habit of robbing and hijacking mines owned by small scale and artisanal miners.

Garikai Munashe

According to Mliswa through his Twitter handle, Musengi is known for taking over mines and the firebrand Norton Legislator is accusing the former of trying to dubiously take over Samamoyo mine in Norton.

“Reports indicate that Vengi Musengi has come into Norton in a bid to illegally take over the Samamoyo Mine. This is an act of brazen criminality which is however in tune with his character already. Be warned that the law will take its course.

“We can’t allow Norton to be disrupted by the dubious acts of dishonourable individuals. Your reputation as a failed youth leader, taking over mines from other youths, is known. Many suffered losses because of you despite that by age you are no longer a youth.” Mliswa said.

Musengi is not new to controversy, in 2018 appeared before a Chegutu Magistrate facing armed robbery charges.

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According to Mliswa, the ruling party should find a way to control dubious members who are putting the reputation of the ruling party in disrepute.

“I urge ZANU PF to control its people. Norton already has DCC Chair Chinyama and Youth Chair Sululu. The party needs to rein control of its reckless members bringing it into disrepute through wanton acts of criminality using and abusing the President’s name.

“I have worked hard to make Norton a peaceful town. That’s is why ZANU-PF has lost traction with youths because of such youths who use its name for corrupt acts. Come election time the President fails to gain support because of such acts by people like Musengi,” Mliswa said.

Temba Mliswa is the former Parliamentary Portfolio Chairman on Mines and Energy. Mliswa resigned as chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Chairman on Mines and Energy following allegations of corruption. Mliswa claimed that he was innocent but his resignation was setting an example for other leaders.

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